Friday, February 18, 2011



To celebrate a friend’s birthday, a group of us rented a house in Santa Ynez for the weekend. I am over the moon excited, but slightly bummed it is supposed to rain all weekend. I won’t let it get me down though! Worst case, it pours both days and I get to spend that much more time in the BEAUTIFUL kitchen of the rented house. (I’ll post pics on Monday) If you haven’t made it out to the Santa Ynez Valley, GO! About 20 minutes east of Santa Barbara, you’ll find beautiful landscapes, lovely wineries, quaint restaurants, stunning homes, and an adorable grocery store. (

All in all, Santa Ynez equals a really good time. 



I've been told you should ALWAYS say "yes" when asked to dinner at Mélisse in Santa Monica.  Here's why:

You may not be into the whole delicate and artful plating that most French restaurants offer, but I'm just so curious as to how they can make each dish look so effortlessly beautiful.  Not to mention, feed so many people AND make sure the right sauce goes with the right course.  I'm overwhelmed when I have to make just ONE sauce at home!  I have such an appreciation for chefs at fine dining restaurants (or at any restaurant, for that matter) because they have a tremendously high standard they need to maintain at ALL times.  But sometimes those restaurants can be formal and stuffy.  I hope Mélisse is fun and the food is as delicious as everyone says.  I have a hot date there on Saturday night.  I shall investigate and report back!  What awful homework for this weekend.  Woe is me.