Monday, March 28, 2011


My good friend in Tokyo, Howard, recently sent me an email with some really entertaining pictures that I wanted to share.  Below are pictures of the lunches of some very lucky elementary school children in Japan.  It looks like some people have a lot of time on their hands.  Speaking of having some time on my hands, I just organized my spice drawer in alphabetical order.

I found this American version of the Japanese bento:


When I went to school here in the states, I saw a lot of plain sandwiches in brown paper bags.

Instead of the deliciously carby peanut butter & jelly sandwich, my mom liked to pack me turkey sandwiches with mustard.  She was super cute because she'd pack lettuce and sliced tomato in a separate ziploc so the bread wouldn't get soggy by the time I was able to eat my lunch.  

Dear Mom, I know a simple "Thank you, Mom" doesn't cut it for all the sleep lost every morning when you made me some sort of hot breakfast before school, as well as a bagged lunch.  Oh yeah, and dinner too.  But I just want you to know that I am sooooooo thankful for all the delicious food you made for me growing up.  I really lucked out because you're such an amazingly talented cook.  You helped me fall in love with so many different cuisines with the variety of meals you prepared, and now, as an adult, I have a tremendous appreciation for the time and effort that goes into each dish.  Much love and hugs.