Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have to be honest, I'm a little reluctant to post the name of my favorite sushi restaurant in LA because it's every regular's best kept secret.

When I first had dinner at Sushi Park (there you go, everyone), I couldn't believe how much it reminded me of authentic Japanese sushi.  My mom is Japanese and I lived in Tokyo for many years, so I do consider myself somewhat of a sushi connoisseur.  Living in Tokyo, I think I took for granted just how difficult it is to create such a masterpiece.  The key is to assemble the sushi with the least amount of ingredients as possible and to use a garnish that creates a perfect harmony with the flavor of the fish.  At Sushi Park, I appreciate the sushi chefs letting patrons know which fish they don't want you to dip in soy sauce.  I see a lot of people in the states dousing their sushi in soy sauce and it masks the flavor of the fish, not to mention, it makes you bloated!

Some fish goes best with just a few drops of lemon juice, like sweet shrimp and some white fish such as sea bream, flounder or flat fish.  Other garnishes, like a dash of salt and yuzu pepper, bring out the sweetness of the fish (yes, surprising).  Also very tasty is grated daikon with a splash of ponzu sauce, which is a marriage of soy sauce and lemon juice (along with mirin, rice vinegar and dashi).  Whatever garnish, everything in moderation is a great way to enjoy your sushi.

Albacore Belly w/ Grated Daikon and Green Onions in a Ponzu Sauce

Blue Fin Tuna, Blue Fin w/ Yuzu Pepper, Toro

Scallop and Oyster w/ a Ponzu Sauce
Yellowtail, Kampachi, Sweet Shrimp

Deep Fried Santa Barbara Sweet Shrimp (great souce of calcium)
Steamed Abalone
Skipjack, Baby Tuna, Crevalle Jack
Uni and Salmon Eggs
Grilled Black Cod