Thursday, February 17, 2011


Whether we're talking about food or breath, anything stale is just plain gross. That's why, when I went to Cabo over the New Year, I jumped at the chance of chartering a fishing boat with my friends in hopes of catching something fresh and tasty for dinner. Seeing as this was my first time fishing, I was really hoping to catch a trout or…something cute.  You can imagine my disbelief when we reeled in this 50 pound mahi mahi!

Thank you Mr. Mahi for an amazing and unforgettable meal, and to the Sea Grill at Las Ventanas for preparing our beautiful catch. Pictured below is Tiradito with pickled shallots topped with guacamole and tortilla chips.  Also pictured is the mahi mahi blackened, and then grilled.  

I have to say that everyone preferred the grilled to the blackened, which just goes to show you, when you're using the freshest ingredients in a dish, most times, the less you do, the better it'll be.

R.I.P., dear fishy.


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