Thursday, March 31, 2011


While I was perusing my iPhoto library, deciding which photo of my dog I wanted to save as my new iPhone wallpaper, I came across so many food pictures. Between the adorable pictures of my sweet little Stella, and the mouth watering food pictures, I must've been lost in iPhoto for a good thirty minutes.

So Rachel and I only started our food blog on Valentine's Day this year, after we had talked about it for a few months.  Well, turns out I have food photos taken from 10 years ago.  My point is, I've always loved taking photos of my meals.  Especially epic meals.  And what better place than Eleven Madison Park to post for today.  Everyone kept telling me I was so talented at photographing food.  This outing to Eleven Madison Park has to be the créme de la créme of all of my food pictures.  

It was a beautiful autumn day in NY, the bright, airy layout of EMP (that's what regulars call it) with impossibly high ceilings, and windows to match, let in the perfect amount of light.  I, along with the five others at my table, were completely in awe and giddy with excitement when our first course arrived. Being half Japanese, I felt at home with a camera in hand, batteries fully charged, ready to document the following 3 hour lunch we were treating ourselves to.

A very dainty consommé with flaky, paper thin crisps sprinkled with a little cayenne pepper. 

Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese
Forgive me, for I didn't write down what any of these dishes were because at the time, I didn't have a blog.  I was just taking these pictures out of pure amusement coupled with the disbelief that I was being presented with dishes fit for kings and queens.  If Daniel Humm, the Executive Chef at EMP, would have come out to our table, I probably would've bowed down to him.

Liver Paté Mille Feuille with a Raspberry Sauce
This Liver Paté is my most favorite food picture ever.  There's something so delicately beautiful about this dish.  The colors and textures I find to be so alluring and sexy.  I can actually taste the flavors as my eyes make their way around the plate.  This, to me, is food porn.

Lobster with Seared Foie Gras

Whole Roasted Muscovy Duck with Lavender
Muscovy Duck
I can't tell you how flawless every course of this most memorable meal was. I looked around at the other patrons, wondering if they came here on a regular basis.  They were just chit-chatting and going on as if this were a normal day. Was I the only one who felt extremely special?  I thought, if I ever tire or lose appreciation for a culinary experience this divine...please someone, shoot me.  
"Cheese & Crackers"
I wonder just how many people it takes to assemble all of these gorgeous dishes.

A Snow Dusted Cloud of Ice Cream in a Blanket of Honey
I would be just as happy with a Heath Klondike Bar for dessert.  I'm just saying...I love the Heath Klondike Bar.

Ice Cream Plate with Fruit and Meringue
We were able to sneak into the kitchen, since we finished lunch at 4pm and there was a lull in serving customers.  It was the perfect time to snap a few pictures behind the scenes of the master cooks that made our dining experience at Eleven Madison Park one that I will never forget.  

Preparing small dishes of butter for dinner guests

Still bustling at 4pm!

Thank you, Jon, for taking us to your regular spot, EMP (yes, the same Jon who once stated he didn't eat any green vegetables).  When we go back to NY, I'd love to do Epic Meal Part Deux!


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  1. thank you for sharing!! looks like an amazing meal. can't wait to check this place out the next time i'm on the eastside!!