Monday, April 11, 2011


This past weekend, I was treated to a lovely and romantic dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Los Angeles, Ado. Located in the charming and homey space formerly occupied by Amuse on Main Street in Venice, it consistently delivers top notch food and service that makes you feel as if it’s a special occasion every time you go. 

Ado is a joint venture from Chef Antonio Mure (Piccolo, Locanda Veneta, La Botte) and Paolo Cesaro (Hidden , Via Veneto). A few months ago they opened 31 Ten, a bar/lounge just down the street from Ado in Santa Monica. I haven’t been yet—but it’s on my list!

Anyways, back to my wonderful and romantical dinner….

The adorable exterior of Ado

I'm not entirely sure what I am staring at in this picture, but I wanted to show the romantic candelit table. Also, notice the half bottle of wine. I love ordering half bottles, because it allows me to try more wine off the menu, and it's usually a little more wallet friendly than just ordering by the glass.

Watercress salad with Pecorino, Hearts of Palm, and roasted Almonds in a Balsamic dressing
Grilled Sea Scallops on a bed of Parmesan fondue. Note that you will want extra bread in your bread basket to scrape up any remaining Parmesan Fondue!!
Ahi Tuna Tartare served with Avocado, Capers, and Balsamic essence
My favorite item on the menu...Home-made Red Beet Tagliolini pasta in a marsala Quail ragu served on a bed of Taleggio cheese fondue. Unlike anything I have ever tasted, the red beet Tagliolini pasta is perfection. Note that you will also want extra bread to mop up any remaining quail ragu or Taleggio cheese fondue.

They have excellent desserts as well; their Panna Cotta is my favorite. But, this trip I was too full for dessert. I'll have to save more room next time...go a little easier on all that bread I kept mopping sauces up with!


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