Monday, February 14, 2011


We're best friends and we love to cook.  Food inspires and enriches our lives and we've wanted to share our passion with everyone for quite some time.
Introducing our blog: DINE AND DISH!

We love to seek out new experiences and create wonderful settings where our friends and family can get together and have a great time.  We lose track of time planning menus for parties and we love getting our hands dirty.  We want to fill you in on our gourmet experiences; whether it's a cool new restaurant we've tried, a delicious recipe we found, random cooking tips or tantalizing kitchen gossip, we want our readers to enjoy the benefits of all our amazing finds as we journey through life (which can be quite the adventure, and at times, the misadventure). We hope you enjoy our daily entries and allow us to bring a little sugar, spice and everything nice into your lives. Thanks for visiting!


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