Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A few weeks ago, I had some time on my hands, so I reorganized my spice drawer.  The thing with my spice drawer is that you can only see the lids of the spice jars, so it's difficult to identify what is what.  And there are just so many of them.  I used to waste so much time lifting the jars, then putting them back down if they weren't the spice I was looking for.  Lifting them up, putting them down.  Up and down.  Most days, I would only use crushed chili pepper or cinnamon, so of course, I'd know exactly where those spices were located.  But for anything else, it was always such a drag to have to go searching.

My Brother changed my life.  And I mean my P-touch 1180 label maker.  I do have two older brothers, but they have busy lives, so I didn't bother to call on them for help with this particular task.

Then I decided to be totally OCD and alphabetize my spices!

This labeling method has saved me a ton of time, money, an unnecessary stress;  Such as when I'm figuring out what spices I don't have and need to buy at the supermarket, or when I'm in the middle of cooking and need to rush into the spice drawer for a forgotten ingredient.  

I think when you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, organization is key to keeping your sanity.  If you don't know what you have stocked, you may make double purchases.  Or triple purchases!  What a waste!

Maybe the way I've organized my spice drawer is a little much for you, but it has streamlined my way around the kitchen.  I hope you get inspired to tackle an area in your kitchen, or somewhere in your house that is in disarray.  I guarantee you will only benefit from this! 


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